How many of you woke up today excited because it is Tuesday?

While there might well be something exciting happening for you today  – I am talking Tuesdays in general. It is an almost forgotten day of the week as it is isn’t the beginning, middle or the end.

Thursdays are great because they are going out nights as you only have to get through Friday, but what do we do with a Tuesday – apart from hoping it passes quickly and then we can say we are half way through the week and that much closer to the much loved week-end?

A lot of coaching is about re-framing how we see and feel about things. I tried this little exercise last week of reframing the way I think about the days of the week. Rather than just seeing them as days of the week I gave them themes. This meant that an arbitrary day like Tuesday became a tantalising, tasty and exotic day.

I decided I needed a word that excited me and triggered my senses. I spent the day really focusing on my five senses and it made such a difference. A normal day became a really interesting one with many things I previously didn’t notice as, like a lot of people, I was so focused on just getting to the end of the day and then I would be half way through the week.

So why not give it a try and make Tuesdays your sensory day – starting with today. Of course if you happen to read this on any other day then that is not to day that day can’t be your sensory day.

  • When someone is talking to you today – listen that much more intently to what they are saying – really hear them.
  • As you eat your lunch – take time to really taste the food with more intensity than you normally would.
  • What ever you touch today – really feel it.
  • What ever you look at today – really see it. Try looking at it from a different angle to what you would normally.
  • If you see any roses today – make sure you stop and smell them.
  • Lastly – what ever you say today – say it with conscious intent and really mean it.

Today is all about connecting with your senses and making every Tuesday a tantalising sensory day and no longer just that poor day wedged between Monday and Wednesday.



4 Responses to “Tantalising Tuesday”

  1. Tuesdays will never be the same again! Perhaps we all need to enjoy the feel of the rain and then adore the warmth of the sun, when we get it.

    • I am so pleased you will now embrace a new perspective on what has until now just been a normal day of the week. I love your reference Rachel to just embracing what ever weather is given to us on any day and really feeling it with intensity – rain or sunshine. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Brilliant Hilbs. I read this while eating lunch and sat and really savoured the flavours. Each time I pass a rose at the moment I stop and I breathe deeply. The deeply scented ones are so satisfying and fill me with joy. The colours of others lift my spirits on these grey days. Another inspiring post from you!

  3. Tuesday was one of those miserable days – wet from one end of the day to the other – grizzly children, grumpy mother, wet dogs, escaping chickens……..a day where my irritations went from bad to worse, .a day that I was pleased to see the back of !

    If I’d happened to read your blog ahead of the day, I might have smiled more, enthused the children with a walk in muddy puddles, laughed at the pantomime that was chasing the chickens in…I might have turned the day on its head and reached the end of it feeling a whole lot better than I did !

    A good blog Hilbs and a reminder that so much of what we experience is down to mindset. Thank you for that

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