Every now and again we have the opportunity to see the world through different eyes. Mine has been the last 2 weeks through our new puppy.

One of the key skills you learn as a coach is curiosity and the power of perspective. We all see the world in a certain way but coaching reminds us that there are many ways to see the same situation.

The power of curiosity is about stepping back and just observing through eyes different to your own – a puppy’s or a young child are great perspectives to try, as everything is new and exciting – without judgment or history. It is the rawness of this perspective that excites me as it is for the very first time when there is no previous experience or awareness.

What perspective do you tend to find yourself mostly in? What opportunities do you think might be available to you if you approached your life with a puppy’s eyes?

4 Responses to “A Puppy’s Eyes”

  1. Not sure what my puppy’s eyes would see but one thing that is clear is this is an adorable pup! Looks a little nervous but comfortable enough in ‘ mom’s ‘ arms to project a defiant attitude too!

  2. I think if you reminded yourself that the view you are seeing is always unique to that moment in time then you would pause and consider a little more carefully. Last winter a haw frost that covered a dense yew hedge was a sight I will not forget, along with the capture of a snow flake and seeing the shape unique to each one is like seeing something for the first time, and watching your child observe its first bee entering a flower is a special moment.

  3. I would love to see the world through the innocence of ‘puppy eyes’, but how long would that last before the bubble bursts and the true reality of life with all its learning curves begins? Bless its little heart, dont be too harsh when little ‘puppy eyes,’ eyes out your flower beds as a wonderful playground 🙂

  4. I really liked this post, it reminded me of the importance of being curious and not making assumptions. I often laugh out loud when I listen to my 3 year old son telling me what he is seeing and thinking! Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is very refreshing and oftentimes thought provoking! A friend of mine sent me this today and I think it fits with this post beautifully….”Life is like a camera, focus on the good things, capture the good times, develop from the negatives & if things don’t work out just take another shot!”.

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