This week-end certainly makes history with the perfect fairytale wedding to start – nearly half the world watching and an unbelievably huge turn out in London itself.

Continued sunshine and no rain. According to BBC Weather, the statistics haven’t been fully compiled yet but it does look like April 2011 will go down as the warmest and driest April on record (never a shortage of a weather stat in the UK).

Two 4 day week-ends back-to-back and as Jamie said on London’s Heart this morning – ended with the capture of the evil man.

It certainly is a week-end of change in the form of a younger and more updated royal family that seem perfectly normal. From the reports of the after parties – in fact sound wilder than most. It has taken 10 years for Osama Bin Laden to be killed – one forgets just how long the Afghanistan war has been going on.

I think we should just take a moment to reflect that this was quite an extraordinary week-end with lots of change to come as a result…

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