It is hard to believe that the first part of all the years of planning, building, training, straining and tears is over. What are we going to do without all the smiling purple and red volunteers and the friendly police posing for photographs with their not normally seen guns and letting children sit on their motorbikes. These are not the images one normally thinks of when it comes to London – oh and it didn’t rain either!

The opening ceremony silenced most critics – as well as those who didn’t quite get the history lesson, but enjoyed the special effects and lighting all the same. The closing ceremony was a true celebration of a spectacular two weeks of all what sport is about — bringing the world together on neutral ground to show who is best and the limits that human beings are prepared to push themselves too – often in the face of adversity the greatest stars are born.

We all have our favourite moments or Olympians that we marvel at but how has this event inspired you to go further in your own life? What did you see or feel that made you think you are going to try that much harder to get fitter, eat better, focus more – in essence believe in yourself more?

As Ussain Bolt said – ‘ I know I am the best’. Is that arrogance or raw self belief? The reality is that he is a legend. No one can deny that to see him in motion is breathtaking. There are too many truly inspirational sports stars (and more to come in the Paralympics) to list them all, but as Sebastian Coe said at the closing ceremony – ‘when our time came we did it right’. It resonated with me as a slogan for life and I wondered how many of us will be able to say at the end of our lives that we got it right…

Use the energy of this amazing event to inspire you to get more out of your life and to be able to say at the end – ‘I did it right’.

Go after your gold…

6 Responses to “What is your Gold?”

  1. Well said Hilbre! My favourites were the rhythmical gymnastics, combining grace and beauty with the utmost skill and professionalism – truly inspirational to watch these top performers.

    • I have to say it was hard to choose a favourite as they were all so skilled but I must agree with you that the rhythmical gymnastics were utterly outstanding and quite mesmerising to watch both skill, agility, timing and beauty all coming together with such perfection. Will be interesting to see what they come up with the next time as it is hard to believe it can get any better.

  2. Thanks Hilbre for thoughts to ponder on… I admire your inspirational writing !

    • Thanks Di – your words of encouragement mean a lot to me and give me confidence to write more.

  3. This is such an inspiration! I loved the London Olympics fever, even though I was watching it from Hungary. Our Olympic team did so well, made us all proud, wish the moment would have lingered a little longer!

    Regards from Budapest,

    • Hi – great to have you reading my blog from Hungary and to know you enjoyed the games so much…

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