I’ve just got back from skiing and two things really struck me.

1)   Adults stop at the top of the slope spending ages peering down it.
2)   Kids just go straight down.

FEAR – ‘an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger’

– Oxford English Dictionary.

One of the things I love about skiing is watching the way little kids go down a mountain – totally relaxed and without fear. We seem to lose these characteristics as we get older. We invariably become more uptight and less fun – who said fun is just for kids?

What would be possible if you approached life like a 5 year old going down a ski run – arms outstretched, totally relaxed and not worrying about what might happen.

The longer we stand at the top of a slope the more fearful we become as our minds start to think of all the things that can go wrong. This only makes us stiffen up and invariably the law of attraction comes into play and we fulfill our fearful prophecies as we go tumbling down or worse, break a leg.

The challenge for all of us is to trust in our ability more and to let go of our saboteurs who are intent on holding us back.

It is never too late to address fear and once it is conquered there is no going back. We are all capable of skiing like a 5 year old so don’t wait any longer to take on that slope that you have been staring agonizing down fearing the worst.

Put your arms out, take a deep breath and just go for it!

Suggested reading: Taming your Gremlin by Rick Carson.

4 Responses to “Why Stop at The Top?”

  1. Good one, Hilbre!! I wish I could convince my 90 year old father to live in this way!!

  2. Fear is my protector… It knows my boundaries and limitations…but perhaps it needs to be challenged? Maybe ? I hope the challenges you faced down the slopes were your accomplishments ! I have never blogged before, this is fun Hilbre 🙂

    • Di I really do appreciate such an honest and open reply as to your relationship with fear. I am sure many others will share in your view of it being your protector and I would be very interested to hear how your view on fear changes when you do in fact challenge it. My clients are always amazed at what inner resources they do possess when they have to draw on them – especially when it comes to challenging their fears.

      I am really glad you are enjoying blogging – keep the replies coming as I love to hear what people think and feel.

  3. A timely read for me, Hilbre, as I’m considering embarking on a project that I’ve been thinking about for ages but lacked the courage to tackle. I’ve come up with 1000 reasons not to do so from fear of not being good enough to, somewhat ridiculously, if it’s a success – how might my life change? This post is a much-needed reminder that sometimes you just have to go for it and not consider the consequences, literally live in the moment and see what happens.

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