I have been thinking about the concept of discipline and I am coming to the conclusion that it is the key to success.

Think of a sports star – what makes them a star? While I agree they need to have a certain amount of natural talent, I believe it is their discipline to spend hours training that takes them to the top of their game.

Think of someone in great physical shape – they have the discipline to eat healthily and to exercise regularly. They aren’t always just lucky to have a fast metabolism as some might say.

Think of someone who gets good results in their exams – they have the discipline to study. They aren’t always just naturally bright.

Think of someone who is organized – they have the discipline to stay on top of personal admin.

Think of a Buddhist monk – they have the discipline to get up before dawn and meditate. I can go on but I am sure you can think of your own examples of people you consider to be successful – they didn’t just get that way through luck. While I don’t dispute that luck, natural talent or high IQ’s and EQ’s exist, without discipline they wouldn’t be there with the best of the best.

Now I know most of you are not necessarily wanting to go down the monk route or planning on playing in the next world cup, but if we could all be more disciplined in certain aspects of our lives, think how much more we could all achieve.

Some of you reading this might be saying that it isn’t always about improving ones’ ability, but being more disciplined can simply enable one to enjoy things more. I know if I was more disciplined to train regularly on my bike I would have a level of fitness that enabled me to enjoy every ride with my fellow club members – whether it be the regular 30miles or the occasional 100miles.

Think of areas in your life that if you practiced just a little bit more discipline how it might enhance your life.  Changing a small thing like opening your mail on a daily basis can allow you to be more in control of your personal admin and avoid any nasty surprises when you realise your tax return is late…

3 Responses to “The Devil is in the Discipline”

  1. Sooooo true! A small amount of discipline can have a huge impact on our life. Love your blogs. xxx O

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  3. Energy and Discipline are my two words for this year. I know that sometimes I do not have the discipline to achieve what I want to and I make excuses… literally I excuse myself. This has repercussions down the line when my energy is flagging as I make undisciplined choices around my time and lifestyle.

    It wont come easy as my personality is one that does not like structure – I like life to be fluid and spontaneous – and discipline doesn’t fit with that so well. But I know I have a choice to make my life better, and to learn a new skill. So I am going to see Discipline as a skill I am going to learn. I know I have to start with baby steps, work out how to make it more a part of me and my life, and keep at it until I am, hopefully, a Discipline GURU.

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